Barry Waxler

Published Author and President/CEO for Universal Financial Consultants, an independently owned financial planning company

Waxler's primary focus is on corporate planning for serious business owners, newly-retired or pre-retired executives and individuals –people who have a crucial need to protect their assets, grow their investments and create a legacy for their families. His simple investment strategy is focused on investment grade insurance options, with an emphasis on liquidity and investment returns.

As a financial strategist, Waxler comes to the table with experience in health, life, and financial contracts, as well as a thorough understanding of the financial markets and related tax implications for his clients. His alignment partners include accountants, tax specialists and attorneys.

Waxler understands that today's volatile and often unstable economic market creates uncertainty for clients. Individuals are often besieged by financial "sales-focused” agents who promote short-term investment strategies which can produce unnecessary tax burdens and threaten their assets and retirement. To this end, Waxler and his associates promote long-term, compassionate financial relationships with clients that focus on risk tolerance and suitable investments.  

Universal Financial Consultants Corporation California Department of Insurance License #0D04014 


My job is to help professionals achieve their financial goals whilst having adequate protection along the way. I do this by tailoring financial solutions to suit my clients’ individual needs.
Published Author

Barry is a Published Author. Stop Bleeding Cash was first published in 2012 with an emphasis on middle to upper middle executives and individuals. In late 2018, Barry rebranded and republished Stop Bleeding Cash to identify the One Thing That Most Impacts Your Finances. In this version, Barry reviews all aspects of personal finance and brings a level of expertise to the corporate side of the market. In it, he goes through circumstance and story lines of some of the people he has helped over the years and brings to light a collaborative and connective way to bring all of your trusted advisors together to work on cohesive basis, without damaging the relationships you have worked so many years to cultivate.

Host of Radio Show

Barry's radio show "Close Up on San Diego Business" was a uniquely-styled radio show designed as an opportunity for our San Diego community to become more familiar with local businesses and their key players. Barry and his co-hosts sought out and interviewed many of San Diego's most compelling businesses and their leaders, discussing their contributions to our community and what they had to offer. Please visit our archives to listen to previously-recorded shows.

Financial Consultant and Educator

After entering the financial services industry in 1986, Barry has helped people in all walks of life. He brings a diverse financial background with licensing in life, health, and disability insurance along with licensing as a registered representative and an Independent Advisory Representative in the State of California with non resident licensing in numerous other states. Barry has been a keynote speaker around the country, and his unique level of communication and educational delivery is second to none. The key element that separates Barry from others is his ability to collaborate with other professionals. If two or more complementary professionals can come together in the best interests of the client, the world of possibility becomes far more evident.

Philanthropic Activities

Barry is active in community service. He has served on the board of directors for The Disabled Business Persons Association (DBA) for over 20 years. DBA has helped countless numbers of Disabled Veterans gain employment or become more well equipped for Self Employment. Also, as part of his Community Service activities, Barry has played a role in the Challenged America Program under DBA. Challenged America is a program built for the severely disabled community to become active in the therapeutic activity of sailing and sailboat racing, including their participation in 3 separate Transpac Races from Long Beach to Hawaii with fully disabled crews.

Why Barry Waxler?


I work for people like you, folks who are tired of the business practices pervasive in the financial services industry. Your risk tolerance and financial goals are always my top priority.


As a financial strategist, I come to the table with experience in health, life, and financial contracts, as well as a thorough understanding of the financial markets and related tax implications for my clients. I am always aligning with partners that include but are not limited to accountants, tax specialists and attorneys.


Whether you're just starting out in your career, already retired, or in between, you deserve access to the best investment management advice available.

Collaborate with professionals to achieve your financial goals!

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