Resolving Conflict Before,
During, and After Divorce

The Road to Recovery

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Process to Gather and Understand Your Data

  1. Review Current Financial Status
    • Compile, Organize, and Value Assets
    • Analyze Liabilities
    • Estimate Immediate Needs
    • Prepare Statements of Net Worth
    • Develop Realistic Budgets
    • Create Visual Aid – Build Asset Map

  2. Determine Long-Term Goals
    • Discuss and Prioritize Goals
    • Estimate Future Earnings Potential
    • Compare After Tax Asset Sales
    • Project Retirement Needs

  3. Analyze the Divorce Settlement
    • Review After Tax Proposals
    • Estimate Maintenance Needs and Analyze Cash Flow
    • Compare and Contrast Settlement Proposals
    • Develop Alternative Settlement Proposals

  4. Manage Past Divorce Assets
    • Create Financial Plan
    • Oversee Asset Transfers
    • Manage Investments and Monitor Results