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Stop Bleeding Cash

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Stop Bleeding Cash: Find The One Thing That Most Impacts Your Finances

In Waxler's experience, many people, even those who have a lot of cash, don't have a clue how money works. Because they don't know how money works, they are not able to plan properly - and many people end up bleeding cash because they fail to plan properly. In this book, Waxler walks through the six most common ways people bleed cash: taxes, home loans, credit card debt, healthcare expenses, business expenses, and life insurance premiums. In each area, Waxler shows how that bleeding occurs and what can be done to stop it.

My job is to help professionals achieve their financial goals whilst having adequate protection along the way. I do this by tailoring financial solutions to suit my clients’ individual needs.
Stop Bleeding Cash: Find The "One Thing" That Most Impacts Your Finances

In this book, Barry Waxler will show you where you are losing money, and how to stop the bleeding. By helping you understand how money works, this book will introduce you to win-win solutions for how to:

  • Determine whether you are bleeding cash
  • Stop bleeding cash on your taxes
  • Stop bleeding cash on your home loan
  • Stop bleeding cash on your credit card debt
  • Stop bleeding cash on your health care expenses
  • Stop bleeding cash on your life insurance premiums
  • Take the next step to stop bleeding cash

His collaborative connection process helps to guide your pathway to an attainable set of goals, without infringing on your current team of highly trusted advisors.

Stop Bleeding Cash

A Must Read

whether young or old, regardless of financial status or stage of life, it's truly amazing how much cash slips through our hands or jumps out of our pockets and wallets when there is another, often better solution.

Draining Cash?

this book will remind you of all the money-stealing traits and traps that we have all experienced and forgotten about. After reading, you will think twice before reaching into your pockets!


keep handy at work or home as a reference and learning tool - share with your friends, associates and children!

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