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Increase Your Abilities:

Stop Bleeding Cash

Find more time and Money for your Business.Stop Bleeding Cash gives you "Find The One Thing That Most Impacts Your Finances" ... And How to Stop the Bleeding

Growth & Transition

Leading business owners through all phases of transition where increased clarity, net cash flow, and market value expands and solidifies choices for business transition: if, when, how, how much, and to whom.

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Planning without Limitations
Tax and Transition

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Barry Waxler is an Author, Financial Adviser and Advocate to Financial Freedom. With offices in multiple jurisdictions, Barry and his team work closely with you, your family and your trusted financial planners to give you a better understanding on how your financial goals can be achieved. Working with each person gives me the ability to advise and educate everyone on achievable financial goals while living their best lives without worry or stress.

I am Barry Waxler, author and financial adviser and I want to give you the ABILIT-ies to know andunderstand your financial goals.

Stop Bleeding Cash

With over thirty (30) years’ experience as an independent financial consultant and motivational speaker on financial topics, Barry Waxler and his collaborative connection process helps to guide your pathway to an attainable set of goals, without infringing on your current team of highly trusted advisers.

In this book, Barry Waxler will show you where you are losing money, and how to stop the bleeding. By helping you understand how money works, this book will introduce you to win-win solutions for how to "Find More Time and More Money By Identifying The One Thing That Most Impacts Your Finances."

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UNIVERSAL FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS promotes the long-term financial well-being of our clients. We combine our abilities, resources and years of experience with the goal to provide the most comprehensive plans and objective analysis.